Small Tech, Big Results

Small changes in technology can produce big results. Green Leaf Gold is applying locally available equipment, like the amalgamator pictured here, to reduce pollution and increase gold recovery. Small-scale, affordable technologies are more accessible to the millions of artisanal miners around the world. Application at one mine can influence miners for miles around. In addition to running our own operations, we plan to offer cleaner gold recovery services and training to miners in nearby communities. Our vision is to establish […]

Mercury Recovery Success!

When our team visited Bolivia, one of the most gratifying experiences was introducing artisanal miners to a mercury recovery system – something they had heard about but never seen before. The one pictured here looks like a crab pot and is called a retort. It reduces mercury release to the air by about 90%. The miners liked it and plan to keep using it! In case you are new to the topic, miners use mercury to bind gold particles and […]

Mining the gold in your home

What’s the largest green gold mine in the world?  Part of it is probably situated in your jewelry box or sock drawer.  It’s all the gold that no longer holds meaning for its owners, just sitting around collecting dust! Recycling of gold is the most environmentally friendly way to put gold into the market. My wife and I recently contributed to the effort by sending our high school rings to the nation’s leading gold recycling company, Hoover & Strong.  We […]

Fair Trade Gold Glitters

The newest Fair Trade standard, gold and associated precious metals, made its debut a little more than a year ago. It promises to improve social and environmental conditions for millions of small and artisanal gold miners around the world. According to British fair trade jeweler CRED, “wedding bands represent the ultimate symbol of love” and are “the most popular fair trade jewelry” in the store.


Fair Trade certification that you see for chocolate, coffee, clothing and bananas has been extended to gold and related precious metals. It offers the promise of jewelry that is ethically sourced and produced with no mercury or cyanide. Fair Trade requires investment in local communities, good wages and environmental restoration, too, something that has often


Green Leaf Gold is dedicated to bringing Fair Trade certified, ecologically mined gold to the growing ethical jewelry market. Investors, employees, customers and the environment will all benefit from clean and ethical practices that focus on the triple bottom line – people, profit and the planet.

Socially Responsible

Paying fair wages and benefits, providing safety training and equipment, and supporting community development projects.

More Choices

Offering gold products that meet a higher consumer standard.

Ethical Gold Production

We produce gold with respect for workers, communities and the environment.


“Partnering with people and the planet.” Green Leaf Gold has entered a joint venture with a partner in South America.  The principles guiding the partnership are in writing and include: The parties share mutual goals of: 1) economic fairness toward employees, owners, investors, and the local community where mining takes place; 2) health and welfare of employees and the local community; 3) respect for the environment; 4) best mining practices that are profitable, fair, and environmentally sound. The parties agree […]