hands framing the earth“Partnering with people and the planet.” Green Leaf Gold has entered a joint venture with a partner in South America.¬† The principles guiding the partnership are in writing and include: The parties share mutual goals of: 1) economic fairness toward employees, owners, investors, and the local community where mining takes place; 2) health and welfare of employees and the local community; 3) respect for the environment; 4) best mining practices that are profitable, fair, and environmentally sound. The parties agree that any future mining venture will: 1) use efficient technologies; 2) employ fair trade techniques that will meet and exceed the new Fair Trade green gold standard established by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM); 3) minimize environmental damage, use¬†mercury recovery systems or no mercury, use no cyanide, and provide restoration of lands that are mined, embracing sustainability and respect for the rights of Mother Earth.